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Who I Work With

I work with small business owners, predominantly in the coaching, writing and speaking world.

As a small business owner myself, I know the struggle with the need to market your business versus the lack of time and funds.  I also know what it is like to feel like a total beginner.

My typical client is a small business owner who wants to gain visibility in the online world, but who finds it hard to know where to start.  I’m here to show you how social media, content marketing, and email list building works – while simplifying it for you.

At lot of small business owners worry that they have to be across all the latest platforms to stay ahead of the game.  This is simply not true.  I advise you to pick just two or three that you enjoy, and focus on quality over quantity.

Consultations with Clear Outcomes – Working Together for a Single Session

My favourite thing about what I do is empowering other small business owners to understand marketing better and be able to do it for themselves.

I find the best way to do this is to start with a consultation, usually over Skype, where we can talk properly about your business needs and design a marketing solution for you together.

After our first consultation, you may have enough info to get going on your own, or you may wish to have additional sessions with me.

We can use our time for training, planning, and setting up systems together.  I am experienced with the following platforms and systems shown on the right.

Single Session Consultation Fee:

I charge £97 for 90 minutes via Skype.  I can be booked on Tuesdays or Saturdays between 2pm and 6pm.  You can book by paying via PayPal, then choose your appointment from my TimeTap calendar.

I offer a full refund with 48 hours notice.  With less than 48 hours I will be happy to reschedule, but no refund will be offered at this stage.

Single session consultation – £97

Regular Sessions and Online Training Options

The ‘do it with me’ option…

This package combines the one-on-one support of a regular consultations with me, with my on-demand video training.  So you can go as fast or as slow as you like, but very month I’m there to check in with you and keep you on track.

Every month you will choose a 90 minute consultation slot from my online calendar.  We will spend that time together on Skype working on whatever you need.

I will check that you are on track, hold you accountable where necessary, and of course answer your questions.  If you need any ‘walking through’ something I can share my screen with you and take you through the steps.

What’s the e-Learning part of the package?

With this package you will be enrolled in my Member’s Hub, where you have full access to my ever-growing pool of video training.

My lessons cover social media and content writing, from beginner to intermediate level.

In the Member’s Hub you also have the ability to leave me a question, which I will respond to with a video answer.  Cool, huh?!

How long is this for?

As long or as short as you want it to be.  When you first sign up you pay your first month’s fee.  You will continue to be billed monthly until you cancel your payment.

This is completely in your control – stay as long as you need me, and leave when you don’t.

And the price?

£77 per month, that’s all – this includes everything mentioned above.

Click the button to get started.

The ‘DIY’ option…

This is my ever-growing e-Learning resource.  It’s basically a membership site full of training videos.  As a member of the site, as well as accessing all the on-demand training, you are able to leave me questions and comments, which I can reply to with a video answer!

So if you love what you and just need a bit of guidance on making an income from it, then this membership program is for you.  I will show you how to make marketing your products and services simple.

No jargon, just simple walk-through videos.  Follow what I do, then simply repeat the steps.

What’s included?

The main feature in the hub are the 20 lessons from marketing book – 20/20 Visibility: 20 Simple Marketing Lessons.  I’ve taken the lessons from the book and turned them into walk-through videos with additional tips and tricks.

These lessons cover all the basics from social media to email marketing and paid online ads.

If you are more concerned with writing blog posts and other pieces of content marketing and web copy, then check out my ‘Content Marketing Master Class’ lessons – coming to the Hub in August 2017.

There is also a support section for you to ask me anything.  All my video responses to your questions are shared with all members, so everybody can benefit from my answer to your question.  Why not start there by seeing what questions people have asked me already.

Over time we will build quite a pool of knowledge in the Member’s Hub, so please do ask me anything at all!  I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.  And if you were wondering about it, the chances are somebody else has the same question too.

How does membership work?

You pay for the first month with a card, and that card is charged every month for as long as you stay with me.  You can leave anytime, there is no contract.

You ask as many questions as you need to, and I answer as soon as I can.  New content is added monthly.  I promise you will never stop learning!

But as I said, if it’s not for you then no worries.  Just cancel your card payments and run free like the wind.

And the price?

With my current joining offer the first month only costs £5.  If you stay with me, and I hope you do, then the usual monthly fee is £17

Can you imagine?  Constant learning and support for £17 per month!

Is there a catch?

Nope.  I can keep the monthly price low because there is room for hundreds of members here, so my time is paid for.  A nice, simple business model.  I do love to keep things simple!

Hey, spread the word and let your friends know!

I’ve worked with Sarah a couple of times now to help me with advertising on social media. She has been brilliant to work with and most importantly I’ve had results in terms of increased leads each time I’ve used her services.

She’s excellent at breaking things down in easy to understand steps and language. She’s patient and answers all the questions I might have. Her knowledge of both social media and advertising on it is phenomenal.

I’m about to work with her for a third time again soon. That’s because a) I enjoy working with her and b) each time I do I trust that she’ll help me get results. 

Osman Sabir,

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