Tying It All Together

It’s the last day of the 20/20 Visibility Challenge!

If you have been with me since day 1 then well done! If you are picking up on this later rather than following in real-time, then don’t worry, just go back to post number 1 and make use of all the free tips.

Let’s have a look back over what we have covered this month

Week 1 – Getting Yourself Out There was about defining and reaching your new audience.

We talked about getting things moving on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and doing so by leading with value.

Week 2 – Creating Original Content was about standing out from the crowd.

There is a lot of noise out there on the internet, and it’s important that you offer something original and specific to your industry and your followers.

Week 3 – Let’s Get Digital was a gentle introduction to Google Adwords, SEO writing tips, and email marketing.

Growing your email list is still the most cost-effective route to market, and we covered both the hows and the whys.

Week 4 – Nurturing Fans into Customers was about what to do with the fans you have worked hard to get.

We talked about the importance of staying visible and playing the long game.

Staying Visible

ea8faeedf3412cf682468fc7e2cfa021Now that we have gone over the important elements of creating and maintaining online visibility, all that remains is for you to keep up the good work!

It really comes down to forming some good habits and staying motivated. I think Brendon Burchard says it best!

In terms of tying it all together, I recommend bookmarking yesterday’s blog post, Planning Your Visibility Tasks.

If you can fill my example calendar with your own content, and replicate this week after week, then you can stay visible and keep on attracting new fans, followers and potential customers.

And most importantly, this can be done with small but consistent amounts of time. I named this challenge ’20/20′ partly because it’s a play on 20/20 vision, but also because I think 20 minutes per day is all you really need, as long as you are consistent.

20 minutes a day times 5 days per week will really add up! I hope I have demonstrated this well over the course of this challenge.

Here’s to your success!



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