Read comments from some of the lovely people I have worked with:


I have been working with Sarah for a couple of months now. We worked on content for my website and also blog articles that I have written and marketing on social media. She helped me to reach more people and get more engagement as well as getting clients just through helping me to present my thoughts and work better.

I really love the fact that she got to know me and the business first. I think it is really important in today’s world because as business owners we need to stand out but by being ourselves rather than sounding like someone else.

She is excellent at understanding what I want/ need as well as advising on what the next steps are to achieve goals both from the marketing and just presentation perspective. She is really passionate about what she does and works as a team player which I really appreciated.

Beatrix Schmidt, The Sleep Deep Practice Ltd


People learn in different ways and I learn by reading first, then trying things out, then watching a video to solidify a concept. That’s what is so great about Sarah Brandis’ program…you can access this invaluable information in a number of way.

You can read the book, take her webinars, purchase the e-course and hire her for her invaluable knowledge and enthusiasm. I have done all 4 and my exposure with my coaching and publishing business has really flourished in just a few months. I can see how implementing her tips and tools has made a huge difference. Besides she makes the whole thing easy and fun. 

Priya Rana Kapoor, PRK Coaching


I’ve worked with Sarah a couple of times now to help me with advertising on social media. She has been brilliant to work with and most importantly I’ve had results in terms of increased leads each time I’ve used her services.

She’s excellent at breaking things down in easy to understand steps and language. She’s patient and answers all the questions I might have. Her knowledge of both social media and advertising on it is phenomenal.

I’m about to work with her for a third time again soon. That’s because a) I enjoy working with her and b) each time I do I trust that she’ll help me get results. 

Osman Sabir, OsmanSabir.com


Sarah is committed, helpful, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. She has helped me with my social media skills supporting and encouraging me. She has helped me to gain confidence in an area I have found challenging on occasions.
Thank you Sarah. 

Dr. Caroline Hough, Aspiring 2 Wellness


I was dreading the moment of having to start building my website. Thanks to Sarah not only did I end up liking the process, but I even found the courage to try out social media marketing.

FB ads and Google ads can be very confusing and complicated, but Sarah has the way to make it easy for you to understand and use. On top of that she is very creative and listens to your needs, finding a way to make it possible for you.

I already have recommended Sarah to friends! 

Laure Polidori, The Family Life Coach


Sarah helped me to create a Facebook advert for my coaching business. On my own I felt confused and overwhelmed – not really knowing where to start – but Sarah has a very reassuring way of guiding you through the process step by step without making you feel stupid!

This was my first advert linked to a landing page – it didn’t cost very much but it was very effective and brought me a full paying client that I loved working with.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Karen Conway, Personal Clarity Coach