Take the Little Opportunities

Today’s post is a little thought about the small things. You see, many things start small, but if you nurture them they can bloom into your next big opportunity.

The world is full of little opportunities, some so little that we completely overlook them. And it’s easily done when we are permanently stretched for time.

When was the last time you paused and took a good look around you? I mean really looked!

That person on the treadmill next to you in the gym could be your next client. The guy behind you in the queue at Starbucks could be a great contact. A strange or seemly dead-end enquiry in your inbox might actually be a little blessing in disguise.

And how about the contacts you already have but don’t keep in touch with? We have so many more resources and connections than we really stop to consider. In small business, the little opportunities can be crucial to getting you off the ground and keeping you airborne.

When we get into marketing your small business, with all the technical whiz-bang methods out there, it’s easy to forget the basics. Before the days of the internet, brick and mortar businesses got off the ground through networking, flyering, and relying on foot traffic.

Sure, virtual foot traffic is not going to just stroll onto your website. But the more of your network that can share your content, the better your chances of receiving traffic that you haven’t had to pay for. So you see, modern marketing is not so different from the old ways. I think many of the principles are the same.

I think they key here is to not let your big vision blind you to the small opportunities. Don’t forget to ask friends for favors. The odd share here and there really adds up. The little opportunities to spread the word, to get involved in something that can bring you new contacts and widen your circle of influence will likely pay off.

If you remember to demonstrate your value in everything you do and reciprocate any favors you ask for, you could be surprised how much further you go.


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