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“Social Media doesn’t work anymore…” – But have you tried this?

There is something I want you to know about social media, and content marketing in general right now, and it’s this… The thing you might not have tried yet, is trying hard enough for long enough.

But when is enough?

 Right? THIS is the big question.

I personally believe that the old “magic number 6” doesn’t apply anymore. Incase you don’t know the ‘rule’, marketers have been saying (since forever) that in order to sell a product or service online, a person needs to have seen you an average of 6 times – it takes us that long to trust, apparently.

But I think there’s a new number in town, and it’s higher than 6. THIS is why social media and content marketing feel like they aren’t working for you, and this is why your new product launch is more painful than pulling teeth.

There are two big reasons why 6 isn’t enough anymore…

1. Facebook and Instagram algorithm – less people see us, unless we pay to play. Have you noticed how fewer people see your post?

2. We are overloaded – there is so much marketing on social now, as consumers we are getting bored and numb to it.

 So what’s the answer?

It’s a simple formula. Quality x persistence.

Let’s start with quality. You have to give before you get. Post really high quality content that stands head and shoulders above the noise – and that leads us into persistence.

You have to keep it up long-term. Content marketing, heck even paid marketing now, is a marathon, not a sprint.

Most people crap out too early now. That’s why their product launch fails…

I’ve found myself feeling defeated recently too. So I’ve been shifting my perspective on this to get over the hurdle. Things are harder – fact. So we need to do more, and better, if we want to stay in the small business game. I’ve actually found that training for the London Marathon (6 weeks to go!) has been resetting my brain.

Increasing your endurance, even when you’re tired and in pain, is a great lesson in business. We’ve been conditioned to expect a sprint, an overnight success, because we live in the culture of “I want it now”, and so everything is in hyper drive….

Hyper drive doesn’t work for selling high-ticket products and services. It works for impulse purchases such as a £15 bottle of hair colour, because that sort of purchase is a mostly emotional response. But when we have to think about investing, we need a lot more convincing these days. Partly because we are skint from buying £15 bottles of hair colour – you get the idea! Money is tight, we are overloaded with marketing messages. The successful small business owners are working harder than ever before.

When you think your product or service launch is failing – try again. Focus on giving value, and on being consistent. There really isn’t a magical cure or a trick. It’s about being in the long game, all in, and finishing the race. So post again, share more of your value, and show the market place you are here to stay.


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