Everybody’s talking about GDPR – and for many of us, this seems to have come out of the blue!

The data protection law change was planned some time ago, but only recently are the smallest business owners starting to understand how it applies to them.

This is something I have been talking about a fair bit with my clients and my Inner Sanctum members recently.  And you know, although it’s a pain for everyone to do the admin bits, fixing up their opt ins and writing new privacy statements…. at the end of it all, I think the marketing landscape will be a much nicer one to work in.

What am I talking about?

Well, consider how hard it is to get results from your own email marketing efforts right now.  How often have you felt sad that so few people opened your emails, and even fewer became clients of yours?  Our email open and click through rates have been struggling because the medium of email marketing has become saturated in recent years.

Now, add to that fact that we, as consumers, are all becoming so bored of shouty sales email in our inbox…

Personally, I’m thrilled that we are all being forced to improve the quality of our email marketing.  We needed something radical to address the problem.

Email marketing always used to be the most cost-effective way for small business owners to grow their business.  It cost so little and was so direct.

Recently, more and more of us have felt compelled to pay for social and/or Google ads, but then have struggled due to how technical/expensive things can get – especially if you are inexperienced.  It doesn’t take much for a badly-placed set of ads to drain your budget.

So looking at the big picture, I feel really positive about the GDPR change. Do you remember when the email communications you got from companies that you signed up with were mainly value-packed newsletters?  I remember getting tons of communications with links to free training webinars, the latest industry tips, and other stuff that I wanted.  Whereas in recent times, I’ve noticed far more automated sales “countdown” emails, all full of “buy now before this expires”…  Newsflash – nobody likes those.

I’m hoping that the improved quality of future email marketing will mean it’s a level playing field once again, no longer dominated my shouty sales campaigns.  When we get back to emails being predominantly value-packed communications, then us small business owners can get eyeballs on our content once again.

Some resources for you:

This Facebook group is run by Suzanne Dibble, a lawyer, and it’s a great source of advice on GDPR.
I’m not affiliated with the group, but I’m a member and I recommend joining it if you need help.


This is another Facebook group – again I’m not affiliated but I am a member.  This one is specifically for Mailchimp users, as many of my clients are.  So if you are worried about how to use your Mailchimp account after the law changes, do jump in here and join the conversations.


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