Planning your Visibility Tasks

I believe there are two key types of marketing strategy to think about for your long-term visibility and success. At least, that’s how I plan my work.

One of them is my calendar of regular tasks – the ones that keep my general message and brand present. Being in your audience’s eye-line as much as possible is a HUGE plus. Over time it makes you the go-to person in your niche.

The other type of strategy I have is not the regular, everyday brand visibility stuff. But rather it is the event-specific marketing. Product campaigns are something you are likely to employ if you are launching a new product or service, running a special offer, or even rebranding yourself.

That breaks things down into two categories:

1. Daily activities
2. Event-specific activities

So for today my intention is to get you planning your own marketing calendar of type 1 daily activities. This is the most important for overall visibility, but also probably the hardest to motivate yourself for. The event-specific marketing campaigns are often fuelled by excitement of money to be made and the pressure of a deadline. Daily visibility tasks feel more like a chore, so I think this is where most people really need my help.

I’m going to get you started with a week’s worth of ideas, and I’m going to base my example on an author of a personal development book. He’s fictional, I made him up for this example. But ironically he is a non-fiction author. Weird… 🙂

This author, whom I’m calling Fred, has a Facebook following of 700, a Twitter following of 1200, a brand new Instagram account with just a few followers. He also has grown a small email marketing list by giving away a PDF sneak preview of his book in exchange for email opt-ins. Fred has a nice simple website which houses his blog, his ‘about me’ information, and a contact me/join my mailing list page.

So if Fred doesn’t pay for FB ads, and isn’t using Google Ads right now, he’s marketing organically with no budget. Let’s see what he can do with his 5 free-to-use tools:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Email list
5. Blog/website which he writes with SEO rules in mind (see Day 12 post – SEO tips for Normal People)

This is what Fred’s posting schedule would look like to the outside world…


And how is Fred managing this in 20 minutes or so a day?

His personal schedule for his marketing tasks might go something like this:

Monday – Publish a new short blog post to my site.

Tuesday – Schedule one week’s worth of FB posts, do a quick Tweet and Instagram post. Don’t forget to include yesterday’s fresh blog post in the schedule!

Wednesday – Make a couple of original quote cards with snippets from my book. Store these to use on Instagram and FB later.

Thursday – Do a bit of content curation. Search the web for a fun #friday share and an interesting TED talk for a weekend share. Tweet or reTweet something personal development themed.

Friday – Sod it, Tweet and Instagram from the pub. It’s Friday after all!

Saturday – Have a creative day! Jot down some ideas for my next blog post, or check out some content I might like to schedule for sharing on FB next week. Do a quick reTweet of related content.

Sunday – Write and send my weekly ‘round up’ email to my email list. Include my latest blog post, share a tip or a thoughtful quote, and finish off with a link to my book on the Amazon store.

20 Minute Task

I think you know what I’m going to suggest you do right now… Make your own week’s plan!

I’m going to encourage you to just do a ‘brain dump’ onto your calendar. You really don’t need to over-think it. This doesn’t need to be perfect, the key here is to be consistent with your posting.

On yesterday’s blog post I shared how to make use of Facebook Insights. So check out that post and then go check out your FB Insights. Use that to guide you when you schedule your week’s Facebook content. But most importantly, remember to have fun with this. Think about what you would like to see in your own FB newsfeed. What would get your attention?

See you back here tomorrow for the last day of the 20/20 Visibility Challenge!


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