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Plan Your Marketing Funnels In Reverse

Don’t ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads until you have your whole funnel in place!

When it comes to building funnels for your sales and marketing – I think it’s logical to begin with the end result you want, and then work backwards from there.

I’ve recently had a couple of conversations with clients who decided they wanted to ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads.

So the first question I typically get is,
“How much should I spend?”
To which, I probably look a little blank for a moment, before coming back with a question about what this ad is leading to.

Sometimes, my client hasn’t figured that out yet.  And then the camera pans back to my blank face – and end scene!

But this is where a consultant, or even just a second pair of eyes on your plans, is a very useful thing.  People tend to get so excited about the individual parts of the funnel, such as Facebook ads, that they forget to step back and look at the funnel as a whole entity.

So this is why I suggest beginning with the end in mind, then working back from there.  If you wanted a fish pond in your back garden, you wouldn’t begin by shopping for goldfish, would you?  I mean, what are you going to do with them before the pond is built?

fill your pondRight?  It’s the same thing!

Please don’t spend your budget on FB ads until you have an excellent offer, landing page, and follow up email sequence. Please?  I’m a one-man band on a small budget myself, just like most of my clients, so I really hate to see precious budget being wasted.

If you are going to spend money on Facebook ads, please reverse engineer your funnel to make sure that your route is ready to convert.  If you pay for goldfish, you want them to end up in your pond, not dying while they wait for the pond to be built.  And it’s the same with your leads – have their ‘pond’ ready before you invite them over for a swim.



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