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Why an online Bootcamp for Social Media Growth?

I’m going to cut straight to the chase here.  I’ve decided to run an online Social Media Bootcamp course for 5 weeks, beginning in February.

Why a Bootcamp?  Well, I already have an eCourse that covers Social Media and other forms of marketing for the small business owner.  But the two main things that tend to trip small business owners up are as follows:

  1.  You have questions and concerns unique to your business.  You want to be able to ask them and get a personalized response that you can work with.
  2. Consistency is so important in reaching your audience and gaining their trust.  A group experience with regular prompting from me will keep you on track.  AND there are prizes for those who achieve the most!
    Motivation is hard to maintain on your own.  I know, and that’s why you need me and your Bootcamp buddies!

So, here’s what’s going on in my first Bootcamp this Feb.

Mondays at online Bootcamp

20 members will join me twice per week through my online training site on Kajabi.  This is an eCourse platform, not webinar hosting, so you don’t have to attend live at a set time.  You can work this around your commitments.  Monday is ‘Set training and questions day’.  So we do two things here:

Firstly, you have set training from me each Monday, where I will teach you growth tricks and marketing how-to’s for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram predominantly.  I will also suggest homework tasks for each week.

Secondly, I ask you to submit your own questions about your business’ Social Media needs.  So if you want to know how to represent your particular brand, how to make a dull industry sound exciting, or which platforms will bring the most conversions to your particular website – this is where you can ask me anything.  Bring me new problems each week – I love fixing stuff!

Wednesdays at online Bootcamp

I need your questions by Midnight on Monday each week so that I can upload my video answers to your questions by Wednesday 7pm, in time for you to watch after work!…So now you see why I have to cap this at 20 members!  I’m going to handle each of your questions personally, so you really get what you need from me.

Any extra little questions that pop up during the week can be asked in the eCourse comments too – I will be keeping an eye out for you guys!  And I want a weekly check in from you about the growth of your follower numbers so that I can award prizes to the top growers at the end of the 5 weeks.

How’s that for motivation?

If you fancy exploding your social growth with me and making your business busier before the end of the financial year, then places are £155.  It is all online, so you can join in from any country.

Check it out here on my Kajabi page, and comment below if you have any questions about the course before signing up.


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