Marketing Yourself with No Budget – Solopreneurship Made Simple

Episode 11 of Solopreneurship Made Simple – let’s talk about marketing your small business when you have no budget.

In today’s episode you will hear my 3 most valuable tips for small business owners.  The bottom line is that we can’t get off the ground with expensive methods such as Facebook ads, when we have no budget to begin with.  We need to get those first few clients booked before we can ‘pay to play’.

Let me tell you how to get started in the simplest way possible.


To get my marketing help and support in an affordable group setting, check out my Inner Sanctum Membership Program. This is ideal for Life Coaches, Authors, and other small business owners to learn the tricks of the trade AND have community support around them to get through the tough times.

See the full details here: The Inner Sanctum


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