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Most small business owners I know are aware of the importance of blogging as content marketing. Your potential clients need to get to know you a little and see what you have to offer before they will commit to anything. Blogging is a fantastic (and free) way of demonstrating your knowledge of a subject area, and beginning that customer relationship by sharing some of that knowledge up front, before you have asked anything of that potential customer in return.

But it is also true that blogging takes your time and energy. So it is always worth it to you, the small business owner, to spend your valuable business time writing content for your audience?

Well, I think it worth considering how far your content-creating efforts will take you. And this is where a lot of people get disheartened, as they have a handful of regular readers, but then that’s where the journey ends.

So my question to you today is this…

What if your content could travel further than your blog?

What I mean here is, your message doesn’t have to languish in your blog archive and die there. You can take that piece of original content you worked hard to create, and repurpose it to travel further and serve more audiences.


Not everybody has the time and energy to read a blog post. Some people are just not into reading. Does that mean they are not your audience? Hell no.

You could repurpose, or ‘upcycle’, that same content from each of your blog posts into a few other formats with very little effort.

Elective Orphan

You see this quote card on the right? This is my original content and it makes a great example of what I am talking about.

This is an excerpt from my eBook on Amazon; content that I spent time and effort creating once. Here I have taken an excerpt from it and ‘upcycled’ it into a quote card.

All I did is take the text and layer it over an image. You can do this really easily on PowerPoint, or using a free tool such as I love Canva, it’s super easy.

The quote card is something I then put out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now this didn’t instantly get me a whole load of new clients, of course! But we all know that’s not how content marketing works anyway (if only).

But what it did get me was new followers on each of those platforms. Over time, some of these followers will consume more of my content and join my mailing list – boom! My content just travelled a whole lot further and that helped expand my reach.

So why not try this out for yourself? Dig out one of your old blog posts, repurpose it and see how far it can go. And it doesn’t have to be a quote card. You could record a podcast, make a YouTube video, start a Facebook live conversation on the topic, or hop on Periscope and talk to new people about it.

This idea of ‘upcycling’ is the second of three bite-sized lessons I teach on my free training webinar – Top 3 Simple Tips for Online Visibility. If you would like to learn more about getting seen by potential new clients then grab yourself a spot by CLICKING HERE!

I hope this helps, and happy upcycling 🙂


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