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What I learned from seeing Gary V live

Last week I attended the Expert Empires event in London, which was absolutely awesome.  The closing talk was an hour of mostly Q&A with the awesome Gary Vaynerchuk.

I didn’t put my hand up to ask a question.  Instead I spent the whole hour observing.  What I came for was Gary’s no BS brand of marketing advice.  But I got more than that from his talk.  I saw a very clear pattern in the advice that people ask him for.

People ask Gary V the same questions over and over.  

So what is that about?

As Gary said himself, when you have a message to share and people don’t all get it straight away, you need to keep repackaging it and saying it in as many different ways as possible.  And some people STILL won’t get it.  But you keep going and some will.

Why is it so hard to get the message?

I think us small business owners who get stuck at a certain point, then ask for advice, don’t really need that advice as much as they need support.  You see, the questions we ask are not hard ones.  We probably already know the answer to them, or we could with a quick Google search.

I think that people reach out to figures like Gary V (with simple, repetitive questions) because they want his energy, attention and motivation even more that they want his answers.

Let’s face it; most things in business are either available to learn from a good business book, online training program, or they are just plain old common sense.  For example, one of the questions for Gary was how to fit more in to the working day.  Gary’s answer was to get out of bed a little bit earlier, watch a little less TV, and be a little more focussed.

Common sense, no?

The guy who asked the question already knew the answer.  What he really wanted from Gary, I believe, was his encouragement.

Entrepreneurship is hard.  We struggle, stumble and self-sabotage.  If you find yourself not doing the obvious, common sense things, I’ll bet that what you need is support and encouragement.

Let’s try to support each other a bit more! #teamentrepreneur 


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