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Blog Writing Workshop – Live + Online – May 5th

Are you a frustrated blogger?

If you’ve never quite managed to get started with your blog, or just want to refine your skills, I’m excited to get you writing and enjoying it as much as I do. Yes, writing is a skill to be learned. But it is also hugely enjoyable, AND one of the cheapest forms of therapy! Sharing your struggles, inspiring others and imparting some wisdom is hugely cathartic.

The trick really is just getting started. Once you learn how to let your words flow, without judging them and hitting the ‘backspace’ key, I know that writing will give you the same buzz as it gives me.

It’s great for your small business!

You may have heard the saying, “content is king”. The reasons us marketers say this, in a nutshell, are:

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  • Sharing your knowledge helps to establish your credibility (marketers call this “social proof”).
  • The more keyword-rich content (I will explain this in class – don’t worry) that you have on your site, the higher you will score on Google search (this is to do with SEO – search engine optimisation). Basically, you become easier to find by people who are looking for your products or services.
  • Writing your own content gives you something ‘high value’ of your own to share across your social media channels. This provides more of that magical, glittery ‘social proof’, and also boosts the traffic to your website.
  • Content is a gentle and non-salesy way of presenting your products and services to your readers. Including your business offerings in your blog post is commonly called adding a ‘call to action’ – and I will show you exactly how to do this.

3 Hour Live Workshop

In this 3 hour group online class I will teach you my blog writing tips and tricks, take your questions live, and work with your own examples.

Small Group with plenty of interaction

Class is kept to a max. of 20 participants so that everyone can ask me questions. I will work with a couple of content examples offered up by the class.

Re-watch after the class

The workshop will be recorded and the video sent to you after the event to recap on later.

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