Inner Sanctum Membership

Welcome to my Inner Sanctum

This is my Memberships site and the home of my group consulting.

Getting your life coaching business off the ground is an uphill slog.  You need more than just automated e-courses.  You need a human being, with relevant experience and creative solutions, to answer your questions directly.

Get real support, directly from me in here and in our members-only Facebook Group.  Begin with a FREE 14-day trial to make sure I’m the right fit or you.

Membership Includes:

– Member’s only Facebook group run by me – tag me when you need support!

– Fortnightly live call, our group Q&A, where you can ask me anything live, or submit a question in advance.

– Fortnightly calls are held at times voted for by the group – they can be weekday evenings or weekends.  I mix these up to make sure nobody is excluded.

– All group calls are recorded and uploaded to the Member’s archive, where you can view at any time with a password.

Your Investment

I want you to experience the value of this offer first hand – so your first 14 days are on me!  Then it’s just £35 per month, for as long as you want to stay.

Cancel any time.  You can end your subscription simply by email.

Payment is taken via Paypal as it is secure and really easy to manage.

Apart from that, just bring yourself! If you show up for live calls whenever you can make it, your business will benefit hugely from your ever-growing marketing skills.

Every I teach is explained in plain English, with a screen walk-through so you can follow all my steps.

About Me

I’m your host, consultant, trainer, and moral support as you navigate the best route for you and your small business.

My name is Sarah K Brandis.  I’m an author, marketing consultant and trainer.

I have worked in small business for the last 11 years, and have been unhealthily obsessed with marketing for the last 6 of those years.  At uni, I studied Cognitive Neuroscience, which gives me a really thorough understanding of how to write sales copy that not only sells, but that reassures your customer, removing objections and making it all run a bit smoother!

I’ve helped many life coaches, authors and small business owners to get over the initial hurdle of overwhelm, and grow their business into a full-time income.  I’m confident that I can do the same for you – hence my 14 day free trial. Let me show you what I’ve got to offer!

A few of my Happy Customers

Priya R. Kapoor

People learn in different ways and I learn by reading first, then trying things out, then watching a video to solidify a concept. That’s what is so great about Sarah’s program…you can access this invaluable information in a number of ways.

You can read the posts, watch the videos and also just talk to her for that invaluable knowledge and enthusiasm.

I have done all 4 and my exposure with my coaching and publishing business has really flourished in just a few months. I can see how implementing her tips and tools has made a huge difference. Besides she makes the whole thing easy and fun.

Natasha Harris

I have always found marketing quite daunting.  Working with Sarah has been a massive help and has truly transformed my business.

Having the added support within the Inner Sanctum has been amazing. Sarah makes marketing easier by explaining things step by step. I realise what elements of my business marketing I still need to tweak and develop, and getting up to date information on all the changes that happen daily in the marketing world has been a godsend.

I definitely recommend anyone running their own coaching practice get support with their marketing! It’s truly transformed my business so I can reach more clients more effectively and I am able to focus so much more on supporting my clients!

Beatrix Schmidt

I have been working with Sarah for a couple of months now. We worked on content for my website and also blog articles that I have written and marketing on social media. She helped me to reach more people and get more engagement as well as getting clients just through helping me to present my thoughts and work better.

I really love the fact that she got to know me and the business first. I think it is really important in today’s world because as business owners we need to stand out but by being ourselves rather than sounding like someone else.

She is excellent at understanding what I want/ need as well as advising on what the next steps are to achieve goals both from the marketing and just presentation perspective.

Toni Horton

I have been working with Sarah for a while now and she is great to work with.

She has helped me to understand social media, sales funnels, Facebook Ads and helped me with my website and blog content. I would not have known how to do any of those things before working with Sarah and the great thing is that she breaks it all down in plain English so that you can properly understand.

Sarah really gets what small business owners need to know, she keeps you up to date with what you need to be doing and nothing is ever too much trouble. I feel very supported by her and she genuinely wants your business to succeed.

I will continue to work with Sarah as I am learning new things all the time and she definitely makes the learning easier.

Jump in today and take your 14 day free trial with me!

I encourage you to make the most of your free trial. Come to a live Q&A call, ask me questions. Tag me in the Facebook Group and get support. It’s my job to keep you growing and making sales, so that you stay with me and continue to progress. Let’s get to it!