Help for Coaches

Marketing Funnel One-to-Ones

The way to convert interested people into actual clients is to funnel them to a paid product, but gently, and nurturing them all the way.  The ‘sales funnel’ is something you might have heard of, but not been very sure what that term really meant.  Basically, the ‘funnel’ is your customers’ journey, planned by you, to optimise your chances of a sale at the end.

So at the end of this funnel, you will need a good sales/landing page, and a way for people to book with you.  A lot of coaches skip this part, instead directing people to just look at their services listed on their website.  Typically the client gets overwhelmed and clicks away…  If you are directing people to your site and not getting bookings, THIS is very likely to be your problem!

The thing you might not expect is that many people will leave your website without really understanding what you offer and the value they would get from you.  But a well designed sales funnel takes your audience from cold (hardly knowing what you do), to warm (understanding and liking you), to becoming clients, with a much higher success rate.

It’s really all about focus.  If your clients see a few random social media posts from you, then have a quick scout about on your website, they are likely to miss the parts you really want them to see.  A funnel focusses them on your message, your value, and then finally your paid services.

I have a few funnel building one-to-one options – take a look and feel free to book a free call with me to discuss your needs.

Group Marketing Help for Coaches

My Inner Sanctum membership program is something I came up with as a way to make working with a marketing consultant (me) more affordable!

Most coaches and other small business owners would hugely benefit from being taken by the hand and walked through the set-up of the marketing tools that they need – but who can afford that?..

As solopreneurs we are all working with very lean budgets. So it seemed obvious to me that making myself available in a group format, such as a membership site, means I can help so many more people, at a much smaller price.

We all need help – and not just with the technical parts, but with the mindset stuff too. Doing it all alone can be so overwhelming, so I really want to foster a community vibe inside my Inner Sanctum, where we can support each other AND overcome the technical obstacles in our businesses.

The price of membership is only £35 per month, and only billing you for the first time after your free 14-day trial.

Click below to learn a little more about how it all works, and take your free trial.