Happy Landings – Growing Your Email List

Today I am going to talk about where to send your new followers… Spoiler alert – it involves capturing their email addresses. I will explain why and it’s nothing sinister. This is about relationship building.

Tomorrow we will cover what to do next, i.e. what sort of email people do and don’t want to receive, suggested frequency etc.

But for today, lets look at where you should be directing your new fans that you have put time and effort into recruiting.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to build an email list. There is a belief in the marketing world (based on some actual stats, I’m sure) that on average a potential customer needs to see your brand, content or product 6 times before they will feel confident enough to buy from you. Let me just repeat that for dramatic effect…

Your potential customer needs to see your brand, content or product 6 times before they will feel confident enough to buy from you.

How can you arrange things so that the universe conspires to show your content to the same person 6 times within a sensible time frame?

imagesYou could sit under a rainbow in a field of lucky heather and wish really hard. Maybe you could spend a small fortune retargeting your paid advertising to the same people over and over again. But seriously, the simplest and most cost-effective way to stay in your audiences vision is to have them on your email list. This way you can keep sending them high-value content and build their trust in you.
N.B. There will be more on how to do this tomorrow.

Today our focus is the first part of the process – building an email list of your fans. This is best done either on your website, or using a hosted lead capture page from a service such as Leadpages.

If you have visited my website homepage then you will see I currently have two lead capture options for my emailing list.

One is a “join my mailing list” option within the main text of my homepage. I like that it’s quite subtle and is placed where I am talking about why you would want to receive email content from me. It makes sense, and this option is working well for me. I would definitely recommend it.

My other option is the blue-edged box that appears on the right-hand side of each page of my website. You will notice it pops up if you scroll down my page. The idea here is that if you are scrolling down my page then you are reading my content, so it is then appropriate to offer you my newsletter by email.

This is called a Scroll Triggered Box and is a free plugin via WordPress. I chose this box because the movement makes it eye-catching, but also it’s not too annoying. I absolutely hate those full-screen pop up boxes that block out the content before you have a chance to read anything. I never enter my email address into those on principle.

If you have a really simple website such as a Wix then they have drag and drop options for email capture. Nothing fancy, but it doesn’t need to be when you are just getting started. If you are a beginner and don’t yet have a website, then Wix is a gentle place to get started. I’m a fan and often recommend them.

If you are not yet feeling ready for a website then I would suggest checking out the hosted lead capture pages on the net such as Leadpages. I don’t know of a good free service so it might be something you want to invest a little budget into. But your email list is a valuable asset so it’s worthing considering.

However you decide to present your email sign up option, a big factor in getting new sign ups is what you have to offer in exchange for an email address.

You could offer a free download of a book or paper you wrote, just as one example. Or your offer could be about the value to come once they have signed up. That’s the case with my website. People who join my mailing list receive a weekly newsletter with a round up of my latest marketing tips.

20 Minute Task

If you don’t yet have a website then your homework is to do a little research into landing pages. Take a look online and see what inspires you. Have a think about how you would like to use this.

If you have a website already, but don’t yet have an email sign up option in place, then that’s your homework! Think about what you have to offer; a free download, a free consultation, or a regular newsletter that would bring your fans real value. Then make it happen!

Go grab those emails, and tomorrow I will show you what to do with your new list!


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