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Why doing a FB Live is a great tactical use of 10 mins

I know how busy a small business owner gets.  In those early day especially, before we are able to outsource tasks such as social media and content writing, keeping your business visible with enough of these social and content activities, all while doing the actual doings of your business, is an uphill battle.

I know that many of my clients have the desire to blog at least once a week.  They understand the relevance of content marketing…. but can they find the time?  Nope.

And of course, the more pressed for time we are, the harder the creative tasks become.  How can you sit and write something original and engaging with the sands of time slipping through your fingers?

So I wanted to share this idea with you, as I think it will help.

On those weeks where you just can’t even get started with a blog post – I’d like to suggest that you do a 5 or 10 minute Facebook Live broadcast (from your business page, not your profile) instead.


  • It’s still content
  • You can still deliver value in your message
  • Live videos are very engaging
  • Facebook favours Live over link posts – so you will actually get greater organic reach to your Facebook tribe
  • This takes a LITERAL 5/10 mins
  • Later on, you can take the key point from your 5 minute FB Live, and turn it into a blog post when you have time.  So that’s next week’s blog idea in the bag already!
  • It’s also good to mix your mediums – not every fan of yours will fancy reading a blog post, so offer them something different with the occasional video…

Some food for thought.  I know a lot of people are still uncomfortable with the idea of live video.  But as with anything in life, exposure gets you over the fear hurdle.  Once you’ve done a few you will feel much more relaxed.

Just think of all the benefits and have a go – it won’t hurt, I promise!


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