The Energy of Small Business Success

This is a rare topic for me to write about. I usually share tips and ‘how-to’ stuff.  But lately you might have noticed that I’ve put out a couple of things more around business mindset.  And now here I go talking about energy…

It’s something that keeps coming up for me, both in conversations with others, and in my own little work-bubble too.  I’ve noticed not only how tough on our energy levels solopreneurship and small business ownership is, but also how the energy we bring to our work days has such a huge ripple effect.

In a big company or corporation, you could literally nap under your desk and it wouldn’t hurt the organisation as a whole.  There is enough of a buffer (in terms of human resources, money and energy in general) that having a ‘man down’ at times isn’t a huge drama.

But what if you are the only person working; a solopreneur?!  Yikes.  You can’t afford to nap under your desk – ever.

Energy breeds energy, in both directions!

Last weekend I was at an awesome speaker training event run by Dr. Andrea Pennington.  One of the participants to grace the stage was Leslie van Oostenbrugge, A.K.A. The Awakening Dentist.

When it was Leslie’s turn to speak, she shared what she had learned from reading Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Power.  I must admit, I hadn’t read it.  Although listening to Leslie I knew that I needed to.  So I was downloading it on Audible before Leslie had even stepped off the stage.

The key takeaway I had from Leslie’s account of reading this book and applying the lessons to her own dentistry business was this:  money is energy.

It’s a simple idea, but the best ones usually are.  In fact, I think this kind of simple truth is really powerful.  When I think of money this way, it’s not so scary.  To my mind, money suddenly changes from the complicated thing that can make or break my business, the elephant in my virtual room, to something that I can influence.

I said that energy breeds energy in both directions because I’ve noticed this in my business.  You know that old (and negative) saying about waiting forever for a bus, but then three come along at once?

I’ve notice this happen to me – with buses, and with clients when I was starting out as a freelancer.  In a rough patch, when you focus on the rough stuff, things get worse and worse.  When you have no clients, you have a scarcity mindset, and that makes your life 10x harder.  As a solopreneur or small business owner you need the enthusiasm of a pack of husky puppies to sustain and grow your business.

Pretty much everything is on you – so your energy levels are critical!

So when the chips are down and your cash flow dries up, what’s a solopreneur to do?  After listening to Leslie, I feel that this concept of money as energy has some potential to help us out.

I’ve noticed that when I pay closer attention to my cash flow, it improves.  When we take care of the pennies, the pounds take care of themselves.  And when we appreciate all of it, cash flow seriously gets better.

When I pay closer attention to managing my own energy, that improves too.  And with my energy improving, I have more focus for my work, more creativity, and I do a better job of attracting new clients to my business.

On a personal note, I’m going through a big change in my business right now.  I’m in scaling mode, which I must admit I only got on with because I was running out of energy for what I was doing.  In short, I was working with too many people on too many projects, and had spread myself really thinly.

Each day, I had a certain amount of energy – and when that was divided up over 10 different projects, well, you can imagine how I wasn’t showing up in the best possible way!  So I’ve done a scary thing and chosen to scale up by cutting down on where I split my attention.  My business model is changing to one where I can use my energy for the best.  I feel like up until now I’ve actually been abusing my energy, rather than using it.

A practical tip – because I can’t resist sharing at least one…

When you are low on energy, what do you do?

You don’t spend your last bit, until you are flat on your face.  You nurture the last dregs, and you appreciate them for getting you through your working day.  You replenish your energy when you can.  And when you get some energy back, you use it like a tailwind to push you further.

I think the same logic works for cashflow in your business.  You don’t burn through your last dregs.  You take extra care with them, and when business is on the up, you run with that energy.  Then often, three ‘buses’, clients, or opportunities will come along at once.

Knowing how tough it is to be in business on your own, or in a very small team, I think there is logic in drawing the comparison between money and energy.  Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business, and energy is the lifeblood of you.  I now think they go hand in hand.  And as for where I am in my business right now, I’m fairly confident that my decision to divide my energy less and focus more is the right one.  Ask me six months from now, and I hope to tell you it was the best thing I ever did!

So, have you noticed a link between your personal energy, and how your business is doing financially?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do leave me a comment below.


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