Why Coaches Need to Niche – Solepreneurship Made Simple

Defining your niche does not limit you. Far from it. In fact, it increases the amount of warm leads you will reach.

Yes, being general might get more eyeballs on you in general. But if your message is general, then you are only grazing the surface of people’s problems… so ultimately they won’t spend their hard earned money with you.

In order for people to want to work with you, you need to speak to their pain points. This happens when you are specifically speaking to your niche. If you speak to their souls, my goodness, they will start chasing you – not the other way around!

I’m not saying it’s a silver bullet, of course not. But you will feel an improvement in both the quality and the quantity of your leads, when you have niched your coaching business and your marketing messages follows suit.


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