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So, fair warning, I’m almost always supporting an animal charity.  (I’m a crazy cat lady)
If you don’t like cat pictures, back away now…

My charity of choice for 2018 is Blue Cross, as I’ve seen first-hand how wonderful they are.  If you are a pet parent like me, then you will agree that our pets are our family.

It’s really hard (terrifying) handing them over for treatments and operations.  Last year, we adopted Iggy and Ivan (pictured) from Cats Protection League.  Blue Cross partner with then to ensure that all newly adopted animals get their essential vaccines and neutering taken care of, at no cost to the new owner.

We’d gone in for neutering – leaving our older cat, Clara, to enjoy  bit of peace from the kittens, and feel smug that she didn’t have to go to the vets.  But while Ivan was under anaesthetic, the nurse noticed his baby teeth were overcrowded.  So she phoned me and offered to take the excess teeth out while he was under, to save him from having a second anaesthetic at a later date.

Now bear in mind, Blue Cross are a charity.  They didn’t ask for any money to do this.  It was simply about doing the right thing by Ivan – not about making money.  And that right there was when I fell in love with this charity.

Every six months in London, and in many other major cities around the world, we have a ‘kitten crisis’.  I know, it sounds adorable, and it kind of is. But it’s also a problem as shelters everywhere end up at max capacity.  If we all took the responsibility to neuter our pets, then we wouldn’t get to crisis level, and so many more animals would have a home.

Blue Cross help homeless pets by fixing them up when they need it.  And of course, making sure newly adopted pets are neutered, helping to prevent future problems.

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On April 22nd I’m running the London Marathon, in a crazy cat lady costume, to raise money for Blue Cross.  And I’m running a sweepstake so you can bet on my marathon finish time and win ONE OF TWO awesome business marketing prizes.

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P.S.  If you want to see my “training team” (cats) in action, watch our little video below!