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“Social Media doesn’t work anymore…” – But have you tried this?

There is something I want you to know about social media, and content marketing in general right now, and it’s this… The thing you might not have tried yet, is trying hard enough for long enough.

But when is enough?

 Right? THIS is the big question.

I personally believe that the old “magic number 6” doesn’t apply anymore. Incase you don’t know the ‘rule’, marketers have been saying (since forever) that in order to sell a product or service online, a person needs to have seen you an average of 6 times – it takes us that long to trust, apparently.

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facebook live

Why doing a FB Live is a great tactical use of 10 mins

I know how busy a small business owner gets.  In those early day especially, before we are able to outsource tasks such as social media and content writing, keeping your business visible with enough of these social and content activities, all while doing the actual doings of your business, is an uphill battle.

I know that many of my clients have the desire to blog at least once a week.  They understand the relevance of content marketing…. but can they find the time?  Nope.

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I’m going to cut straight to the chase here.  I’ve decided to run an online Social Media Bootcamp course for 5 weeks, beginning in February.

Why a Bootcamp?  Well, I already have an eCourse that covers Social Media and other forms of marketing for the small business owner.  But the two main things that tend to trip small business owners up are as follows:

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Keep Social Simple

I’ve had this question come up a few times recently, so it felt like a blog post was called for. I often help life coaches with their social media marketing efforts. But it would be fair to say that not every coach likes, understands, or wants to be involved in social media. And even more commonly, if they do want to make the most of social, they are completely overwhelmed by the number of platforms to choose from.

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