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jump and build your wings

Jump, then build your wings – Solopreneurship and balancing risks

If you’ve made the move of taking your small business from a ‘side-hustle’ to your full time work, leaving the ol’ day job behind, then you too will know the feeling of free falling!

It’s both terrifying and freeing in equal measures.  But not everyone with a business dream makes it this far.  And why?  Because of the perceived risk.  Although with that said, it’s not like employment doesn’t carry risks either.

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business problems

I’ve got 99 problems – managing your solopreneur venture…

I’ve got 99 problems, and 57 of them need to be fixed by next Tuesday.  Welcome to solopreneurship!

At my busiest point last year, I was freelancing for 14 different small business owners.  Within each of those small businesses, there were many and varied issues for me to be working on.  In short, it’s not surprise that I got overwhelmed, needed to take a big step back, and ultimately change my business model to something more sustainable.

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Small Business – Big Boundaries

The importance of boundaries is no secret, yet as humans, we don’t do everything from the logical parts of our brain – are you with me?  Much of what we do comes from primitive, reflexive efforts to be liked.  It’s our pack mentality, the old ‘safety in numbers’ thing, that has been relevant since caveman times, that makes it so hard for us to respect our own boundaries.

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rome wasn't built in a day

In Charge vs. In Control

I made a big psychological jump for my small business last week.  I finally decided to outsource something!

If you don’t know me personally, then just for the record, I have control issues!  I don’t like to share my work like Joey Tribbiani doesn’t like to share his food.

So now that you’ve definitely got the message about my control issues – let me tell you why outsourcing is so important, and why I, the stubbornest ‘lone wolf’ I know, has finally caved in.  And HOW GOOD that actually feels!

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