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leap into the void

Solopreneurship is a mental battle – let’s talk about what it takes

If you dream of starting up your own business, then have you considered the mental side of the challenge?

I’m a special kind of stubborn; which is neither good nor bad in the grand scheme of things. But it does make me suited to the life of a Solopreneur. There are emotional highs when the work pays off. But there are also days that feel like crashing into a brick wall.

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Perfectionism is a trap – don’t let it stop you!

I used to get so hung up on doing things well.  When I first started recording training videos, a couple of years back, it took me SO many takes to get each section right!

It was frustrating and really not the best use of my time.

As we all know, time is our most finite resource.  So in some respect, we could all benefit from getting over the need to be ‘perfect’ and just get things done.

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can anyone start a business

My Surprising Career History = proof that anyone can start a business!

If I can build my own business as a solopreneur, then pretty much anyone with the tenacity to stick it out can do the same.  Your background should not be the thing to stop you – and I’m the proof.  So if you have been worrying about a lack of relevant career history, qualifications, or something similar holding you back, then I’m here to give you a perspective shift.

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Small Business – Big Boundaries

The importance of boundaries is no secret, yet as humans, we don’t do everything from the logical parts of our brain – are you with me?  Much of what we do comes from primitive, reflexive efforts to be liked.  It’s our pack mentality, the old ‘safety in numbers’ thing, that has been relevant since caveman times, that makes it so hard for us to respect our own boundaries.

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