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Plan Your Marketing Funnels In Reverse

Don’t ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads until you have your whole funnel in place!

When it comes to building funnels for your sales and marketing – I think it’s logical to begin with the end result you want, and then work backwards from there.

I’ve recently had a couple of conversations with clients who decided they wanted to ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads.

So the first question I typically get is,
“How much should I spend?”
To which, I probably look a little blank for a moment, before coming back with a question about what this ad is leading to.

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What I learned from seeing Gary V live

Last week I attended the Expert Empires event in London, which was absolutely awesome.  The closing talk was an hour of mostly Q&A with the awesome Gary Vaynerchuk.

I didn’t put my hand up to ask a question.  Instead I spent the whole hour observing.  What I came for was Gary’s no BS brand of marketing advice.  But I got more than that from his talk.  I saw a very clear pattern in the advice that people ask him for.

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Small Business Marketing: More Science than Magic

I’m here to shatter an illusion for some of you; especially those of you who are quite new to the world of small business marketing.  Many people seem to think that marketing is some kind of magic.  Perhaps you put your website up, interested webtraffic flows to it, and sales are made in your sleep.  I’m sorry, but there is a lot more going on between the website going up, and the right webtraffic landing on your sales pages.

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