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if you build it will they come

If you build it, will they come? If you consistently offer value while keeping yourself visible, then your customers will come to you when they are ready for what you have to offer.

Establishing your product or service is obviously essential – all businesses need something to sell, or they would be over before they began.

Getting your brand/product/service some online visibility is excellent. If you have followed my challenge so far then a HUGE CONGRATS to you! You have already come further than some people with ideas ever do.

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Some clients have come to me recently wondering if they should invest their time and budget into Facebook pay per click ads, or Google Adwords instead. This post is my attempt to answer that in a way that serves everyone.

What follows is a mixture of my hands-on experience as a marketer, but also my personal opinion too. I hope you get a useful takeaway from this.

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Yesterday we talked about how to capture emails to grow your business audience. Today let’s talk about how to manage your new list.

If you are an author, coach or blogger who writes books or has a small coaching practice, as most of my audience are, then you won’t have budget available for a fancy piece of software, or a personal assistant to help you use it!

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happy landings

Today I am going to talk about where to send your new followers… Spoiler alert – it involves capturing their email addresses. I will explain why and it’s nothing sinister. This is about relationship building.

Tomorrow we will cover what to do next, i.e. what sort of email people do and don’t want to receive, suggested frequency etc.

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