Business Struggles and Mindset Shifts

I often blog about the early stages of the marketing journey. My usual message is about how to get your business visible. But today I have something rather different to share with you.

Back in January of this year I spoke at an event for the GiveYourSelf Permission Anthology – a book that I had been involved in as an author, as well as helping with the marketing.

My chapter in the book is called Give YourSelf Permission to Choose Yourself, and was my personal story of choosing myself over a bad relationship.

So what does this have to do with small business and/or marketing?

Well, it’s the mindset shifts I went through that are relevant here. During my short talk, after sharing my story from the book, I went on to talk about where I was in my life now (well, back in January anyway).

At the time I was fairly new to working for myself – about six months in – and I was thinking and feeling all the ‘scary stuff’:

– “What if I can’t get enough clients?”

– “Should I just get another job?” (although I really didn’t want that)

– And several variations of “how am I going to pay my bills?”

And you know what, we ALL go through the same struggle, give or take. I really believe what makes or breaks us is mindset. After giving that talk I had some lovely conversations with the people in that room, and I received so much encouragement.

I realised I had to keep giving myself the permission to pursue my work goals, just as much as I had done to leave that relationship I had written about in the book.

So today’s message is a simple one really…

The physical struggles of working for yourself will always be there. The key is shifting your mindset to allow yourself to persevere. Forget the “shoulds” if you possibly can, and focus on what you want to be doing with your time on earth.

I think it’s so true that “energy goes where attention flows”, so how about giving your ‘plan a’ all the energy you’ve got?

You can see my talk here on YouTube – full disclosure, I was super-nervous!

If you’d like to check out the book, you can find the Give YourSelf Permission Anthology on Amazon: click here for UK and here for US.


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