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Boost your Blog on Facebook to the RIGHT people!

Boosting the blog posts you share on Facebook can do wonders for your engagement rate. But if you are anything like me then you want to make sure that the little budget you have for this is being spent in the most productive way and gets the right people to your website.

Today’s post is a few pointers for getting the best results out of your boost budget, and ultimately getting more of the RIGHT eyeballs on your blog.

If you find this helpful, then this topic is just one of the three lessons I teach on my Top 3 Tips webinar, which you can grab a spot for by clicking here.

Before you boost…

Go into your Facebook Ads Manager and set up a ‘saved audience’. When you publish and boost the link to your blog you will be able to select this saved audience as who you boost too.

Now is a great time to think about who your customer/blog reader avatar is, and put yourself into their shoes.

So who typically reads your content, visits your site, buys your product or books services from you? Think about their interests and behaviours on Facebook.


If you are a weight loss coach, then your typical client is interested in healthy eating, exercise, and probably follows a few celebrity personal trainers for inspiration too I would bet. So you can target those interests and target fans of the big names in your industry. Save that audience and name it something you will remember later.

Once you have boosted your post to your saved audience, give it a couple of days to get rolling. I wouldn’t recommend using the 1 day boost option – Facebook needs a bit of time to show any kind of advertising to the right people, and not everybody logs into Facebook every single day. Strange but true – these casual Facebook users do exist!

I always boost between 3 and 7 days. And after a few days you should have a good number of people who have liked that post. Some of them will have clicked through and actually visited you blog, and maybe even subscribed to your mailing list.

But what about the people who liked but didn’t click through? Do you lose them forever? Nope, there is a trick that Facebook doesn’t exactly shout about, so not everybody knows this…

I call this the 2 for 1 trick as you are getting two paid actions for the price of one. Everybody who liked your post can now be invited to like your Facebook page for free! An action you would normally pay for too!

Argh, tell me how!

Here it is. Look at the boosted post on your Facebook page. You will see a couple of names and 34 others (or whatever number you have) that liked this post. This is written in blue and is a link. Click that link and you see a full list of the people who liked the post.

Next to their names you will see a gray button – either liked, invited or INVITE. If it says INVITE, then they haven’t already liked you or been invited to do so. Click that gray button, and Facebook sends them an invite to like your page. And you don’t pay for this! Awesome, huh?

I talked about this trick, and two other of my best online visibility hacks on my Top 3 Tips webinar. So if you would like more how-to knowledge, complete with slides to illustrate how they work, thenĀ catch the replay on YouTube here.

See you soon!


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