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Evening all!

Today is Day 7 of the challenge, and as promised I’ve been live streaming on the Blab social media platform.

The point of this was to demonstrate how using a live streaming platform like Blab can be one way to get your name/personal brand out there and gain visibility, followers and fans.

As I mentioned during my live stream, this is not going to bring you new customers overnight.  A social media activity like this is very much at the top, or even above, your sales funnel.  Think of this as being purely about gaining visibility, and having fun too!  Fun is underrated.  It’s so important to enjoy what you do!

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If you haven’t yet guessed from my writing so far, I’m super-keen on content marketing. This is the way to lead with value that I talked about on Day 1 of this challenge.

I personally feel that producing original and valuable content is a wonderful, non-salesy way of showing people what you’ve got to offer, positioning yourself in your industry or niche, as well as positioning yourself for greater online visibility.

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twitter growth

First, let me give you a little background

About 3 years ago I got serious about growing a Twitter following. I found a video on YouTube that described the ‘elbow grease’ method. Which is as follows:

1. Follow loads of people who have similar interests (check their bios), every single day for a week.
2. At the end of that week check how many of your follows then followed you back.
3. Keep following those lovely people, but unfollow anyone who didn’t follow you back.
4. Lather, rinse repeat. For many, many weeks, until you are satisfied.

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instagram for busy people

Welcome to day 4 of the 20/20 Visibility Challenge.  This one is nice and easy, and it’s perfect for busy people.

I’m quite new to Instagram myself. A little while ago I made the hideous mistake of Googling something along the lines of,

“How to upload from my desktop to Instagram”

I was familiar with the phone app and quite happy to take picture with my phone camera and upload them directly to Instagram. But as I was learning Instagram for marketing purposes, I also wanted to be able to upload quote cards I had created for my business.

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