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The Blog Bigger Challenge – What To Expect

Still riding high on the buzz of my first marketing challenge back in June, The 20/20 Visibility Challenge, I am feeling more than ready to tackle the next one! And I wanted the next one to be all about successful blogging…

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the Blog Bigger Challenge!

Blog Bigger Challenge – Here’s the plan

Monday to Friday throughout the month of September, I will be blogging not once, but twice per day!

One blog will be on my psychology blog site, The Musings of an Elective Orphan. This is how I will be demonstrating to you that writing regularly about a topic within your niche, optimizing it for SEO, and then sharing it across relevant platforms can do wonders for your online visibility.

Not only can you read my psychology blog to see what I’m getting up to on the “customer facing” end of things, but you can also head over to my marketing blog (on this website) to check out the behind the scenes stuff.

This behind the scenes look is daily blog post number two. We will look at things like my content calendar, how I structure my work, how I maximize my social media coverage, how I optimize for SEO, and check it off against my Google Analytics to see what’s working.

So, to summarize:

Follow on to see my original blog posts all September.

Follow on (here) to see the behind the scenes tips, tricks and stats including:

• Inside my WordPress account
• A look at the Yoast SEO Plugin
• Social Media sharing strategies
• Google Analytics (I promise it’s not that scary)

If you feel the need to flex your own writing muscles then I would love you to join in with my blogging challenge as much as possible. I realize that most people won’t have time to blog every day; but even if I encourage you to blog once a week it will do your web traffic nothing but good.

If you are too busy to check in every day but would like to receive my weekly behind the scenes summary email, then sign up below to my Blog Bigger Challenge newsletter and I will keep you posted with my tips and tricks!

See you in September!




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