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SEO like planting seeds

I was recently asked a question by a member of my Facebook audience that opened up into a bigger topic.

She asked me if she should be spending her efforts on Facebook Ads or Search Engine Optimization. I couldn’t really give her a ‘one or the other’ answer, as social ads and SEO are so different that they are not really comparable.

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Today’s post is a little thought about the small things. You see, many things start small, but if you nurture them they can bloom into your next big opportunity.

The world is full of little opportunities, some so little that we completely overlook them. And it’s easily done when we are permanently stretched for time.

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If you know me at all, then you know I believe in mistakes as our best teachers. And that’s just as well as I dropped a big ball recently.

Amongst all the client work, promoting my recent eCourse and general juggling of responsibilities, I decided I would also self-publish an eBook.

On the surface this was a great idea. Having recently completed a month-long marketing challenge and produced an eCourse on the same topic, my book pretty much wrote itself.

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blog google search

How can blog authors keep the Google bots happy, and ultimately get our content ranking higher when people are searching for topics that we are blogging about?

I’ve recently written a very similar post but using the term ‘SEO’ in the title. I was curious to see how renaming this topic to something softer would affect readers.

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