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Episode 11 of Solopreneurship Made Simple – let’s talk about marketing your small business when you have no budget.

In today’s episode you will hear my 3 most valuable tips for small business owners.  The bottom line is that we can’t get off the ground with expensive methods such as Facebook ads, when we have no budget to begin with.  We need to get those first few clients booked before we can ‘pay to play’.

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Small Business Marketing and GDPR

Everybody’s talking about GDPR – and for many of us, this seems to have come out of the blue!

The data protection law change was planned some time ago, but only recently are the smallest business owners starting to understand how it applies to them.

This is something I have been talking about a fair bit with my clients and my Inner Sanctum members recently.  And you know, although it’s a pain for everyone to do the admin bits, fixing up their opt ins and writing new privacy statements…. at the end of it all, I think the marketing landscape will be a much nicer one to work in.

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Creating Blog Post Content – Solopreneurship Made Simple

Episode 8 of Solopreneurship Made Simple – let’s talk about creating blog content that boosts the visibility of your small business.

We all know that “content is king” – and that pressure we all feel to create original content for our small business is the beginning of the end when it comes to blogging. So we sit down at our computer, stare at a blank word doc, and then noting happens…*tumbleweeds*

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Marketing with Video (despite the fear) – Solopreneurship Made Simple

Episode 7 of Solopreneurship Made Simple – let’s talk about getting you over that fear of being seen on video, so you can market your business better!

Most of my clients are life coaches, so they’re great at getting their clients over irrational fears and working past their procrastination. Although as coaches they are very self aware, they are still human, and therefore get tricked into procrastinating too.

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