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Why Aren’t My Leads Converting? – A Handy Checklist

I often blog about the early stages of the marketing journey.  My usual message is about how to get your business visible.  But today I want to share a few tips that are useful further along the customer journey.

I was recently asked on Facebook for some help in this area – so here goes…

So what do you do when you’ve put your all into getting your business visible; you have fans of your Facebook page, you have people on your email list, heck, you even have a good amount of web traffic… BUT, despite being visible, nobody is purchasing your products or services?

Let’s talk about some of the common pitfalls in converting leads into sales, and how to overcome them.

Here are a few things to check off before you panic.  They sound simple, but to be honest, the best solutions usually are the simplest ones.

1. Clearer copy

The fact is that we, as the owner of our business, are too close to it to be objective.  When we look at our sales copy, we think that the benefits of our product or service are super-obvious.

No, we are not being egotistical or unrealistic.  It’s just that our businesses are our babies – and we know them like the back of our hand.  So to us, what we have to offer is crystal clear.

You need to find a way of seeing your sales copy with COMPLETELY fresh eyes.  Now this will either take a WHOLE HEAP of fresh perspective, or to make things easier, just get somebody else to help you out.

Be discerning and enlist somebody who isn’t too close to you to be objective and honest (so won’t just say “it’s awesome”).  You know those people who go on X-Factor, can’t sing a note and totally embarrass themselves.  You sit there at home, cringing for them, and wondering who on earth encouraged this person to step onto a stage?

THIS is what I’m talking about when I say to be discerning.  You don’t want a ‘yes man’ who is too scared to give you constructive feedback.  This won’t help your business.  Get yourself some critical feedback so you can make the necessary changes.

When your copy is crystal clear to a total stranger, then you may find that you make some sales.  Unless..

2. Check your audience are your tribe

…unless your audience, the people seeing your sales copy, are not the right people for your product or service.

You could have the biggest, most brag-worthy email list in the world.  But if nobody on that list is interested in your product or service, well, you know how this story ends.

So what can you do?

If you already have a big list, and nobody is buying, then it’s worth checking in with them.  It could be a lack of engagement if you don’t email them regularly (more than once per month).  Or, it could be that they just don’t want what you have.  A good trick here is to ask them what they want; ask for topic requests for your blog, or send them a short survey to understand their needs.

The bottom line – if they are not your tribe then you can lovingly let them go.  Your tribe are out there, but you need to dangle the right bait to find them.  So…

Whether you have no list, a tiny list, or are starting all over again after building the wrong list – here is how to build the right list.

It takes two things – niching and patience.

We have all heard the advice to niche; make your offerings specific to a group of people, so that group of people can recognise themselves in your offerings and self-identify as your customer.  Where many people go wrong though, is in their eagerness to build an email list, they offer a lead magnet or opt-in gift that is too general.

Business owners who do this are casting the net wide to catch more fish.  The trouble is that most of those fish they catch are red herrings.

Offering a niche lead magnet will build your list slower, and this is where the patience comes in!

Would an example help you here?

Let’s take my business for example.  In general, I’m a marketer.  But my niche is social media and content marketing for small business owners.  So if I offered a lead magnet that was, let’s say, an ebook about all things marketing, this would be too general.  I might catch a lot of fish (get a lot of email sign ups), but they would soon get bored of me, unless they just happen by luck to be my tribe (small business owners).

However, if I offered a lead magnet about content marketing targeted to small business owners (see the pop up on my homepage), then I would catch fewer fish, but the people who do join my list ARE my tribe.  So there you go 😉

Better to have 50 genuinely interested people than 5000 cold fish.

So niche, keep it specific, and be patient.

3.  Stay visible

I touched on this above, when I mentioned the need to email your tribe more than once per month.  Understand that people are busy and won’t open most of what you send, so you have to keep trying.

There is a well-loved rule of thumb in the marketing world.  Us marketers believe that the average consumer needs to see you, the person or the brand, at least 6 times CONSISTENTLY (i.e. not spread over many years!) before they trust you enough to buy from you.

So you see why it is so important to stay visible.

A lot of small business owners get their visibility wrong on Facebook.  They think that because they are posting things they are being seen.  Actually, Facebook’s algorithm makes it quite challenging to get your business posts seen by many of your fans.

You need to understand what the algorithm wants from you so that you can play your hand better.

If this all makes sense to you then wonderful – take this checklist, go forth and rock on!

But if my last point about Facebook’s algorithm made you wonder what on earth you have got yourself into, then don’t worry, I have some free social media basic training for you!

Check out my free video lessons here:

I hope this helps – if you have a question then do leave me a comment!


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