20/20 Visibility Challenge – What to Expect

This June I am running my very first Visibility Challenge. It’s 20 days of content spread over the month, showing you simple steps you can take, just 20 minutes or so at a time, to grow your following. This is totally beginner-friendly. Most of my private clients are brilliant in their own field, as writers or coaches, but don’t know much about social media and marketing. So relax, you are in safe hands. There is no jargon, just simple tips and a few laughs along the way!

You might have noticed I’m starting from scratch on a brand new Facebook page, and a new Instagram account too. I figured what better way to demonstrate that these tips work than by growing with you at the same time! So it’s going to be a fun shared experience, and I hope that we will all gain from it.

My ‘micro-niche’, if you will, is marketing for the world of Bloggers, Coaches, and Authors. That’s not to say that these rules couldn’t be applied to any other small business. All participants are very welcome. But just as a heads up, my examples and scenarios will come from the writing and coaching world, as that’s where the bulk of my experience comes from.

With just a few days to go, here is the full breakdown of each day’s content. I thought I would put it all out there up front so you can plan to watch the live bits if you so wish, or just check the blog on the days that interest you the most.

If you have signed up to the newsletter then you will get the week’s roundup emailed to you every Sunday evening.  You can bookmark my website if you would like to visit the blog more regularly for updates.  You may notice there isn’t a ‘subscribe to blog’ option for daily updates – this will make sense during the course of the challenge when I explain about email list building and again later about SEO.

So are you ready? Here’s what’s coming:


Week 1 – June 1st to June 5th

Getting yourself out there – defining and reaching your new audience

Day 1 – Leading with value, share something original. I will also introduce myself on Facebook Live, so come and say hi if you can!

Day 2 – Getting FB likes for FREE (not just from your auntie)!

Day 3 – Getting PAID FB likes without breaking the bank or growing an uninterested audience.

Day 4 – Instagram for busy people (seriously, 5/10 mins per day)

Day 5 – Using Twitter to gain real fans and connections, no spam!


Week 2 – June 8th to June 12th

Creating Original Content – stand out from the crowd!

Day 6 – ‘Blogging’ without or without a website, let’s look at LinkedIn and Medium as alternatives.

Day 7 – Blabbing with buddies – live demo of the Blab video platform with special guests! I’ve invited some life coaches to join me for a chat.

Day 8 – Periscope vs. Facebook Live – live demo of both and a side-by-side comparison on the blog.

Day 9 – Content for busy people – repurposing ideas to save time.

Day 10 – Finding inspiration for your content. A lot of people struggle here, but it doesn’t have to be hard. And I will also talk about the 80/20 rule of copy writing.


Week 3 – June 15th to June 19th

Let’s get Digital!

(N.B. In my head I am totally singing this to the tune of Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s get Physical’)

Day 11 – A gentle, non-scary peek into Google Adwords.  I promise it won’t hurt!

Day 12 – Bite-sized SEO tips for ‘normal people’ – no expertise required, just some simple tips and tricks. Even if you don’t know what SEO stands for, this can only help your website!

Day 13 – Growing an email list – I will show you what I do.

Day 14 – Writing and sending email newsletters. I’m a MailChimp user, and I will show you how simple it is. N.B. Other tools are available, I’m not sponsored by them!

Day 15 – Revisiting Day 11’s peek into Google Ads. We will see if my example ad has gained any ground, and what we can learn from it.


Week 4 – June 22nd to June 26th

Okay, I have some fans, but what now?  Nurturing fans into customers.

Day 16 – Let’s talk more about leading with value – it’s the best way to win trust and therefore customers.

Day 17 – Happy landings! Using landing pages to give away samples, book chapters, free coaching sessions etc…

Day 18 – Using FB insights to inform your posting schedule. It’s important to stay visible to your crowd so they don’t forget you.

Day 19 – Engagement. It’s all about the long game. Building relationships to make sales come to you – no chasing people!

Day 20 – Summary/recap. Q&A session on Facebook Live. Ask me anything and everything!


So, as you can see, lots of fun to be had. My big goal here is to make this as accessible and as non-scary as possible. It’s not for experienced marketers, it’s for people who have a product or service to sell as an end goal, and who would just simply like to increase their market online.

In today’s social media age I really do believe the possibilities open to all of us are endless. I think a little knowledge, when applied consistently, can make a huge difference to the big picture.

If you have signed up to the newsletter, then keep an eye on my Facebook page from June 1st onwards, and I will see you soon!



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