Starting a business and how to survive – Solopreneurship Made Simple

Episode 6 of Solopreneurship Made Simple – let’s talk about starting your life coaching business.

The transition from full-time job to full-time business takes courage. Some people refer to this phase as “leaping into the void”, and I totally get why! I think pretty much all of my life coaching clients would tell you that getting their business off the ground was a scary experience – even with all their self-awareness, skills, and the support around them.

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Social Media

“Social Media doesn’t work anymore…” – But have you tried this?

There is something I want you to know about social media, and content marketing in general right now, and it’s this… The thing you might not have tried yet, is trying hard enough for long enough.

But when is enough?

 Right? THIS is the big question.

I personally believe that the old “magic number 6” doesn’t apply anymore. Incase you don’t know the ‘rule’, marketers have been saying (since forever) that in order to sell a product or service online, a person needs to have seen you an average of 6 times – it takes us that long to trust, apparently.

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