It’s not about where you came from – Solopreneurship Made Simple

Solopreneurship Made Simple – podcast episode 1.

We all have a past, and some parts of it probably won’t make their way onto our LinkedIn profiles!

But rather than focus on those shadowy parts, how about taking the lessons learned and growing from them?

In this episode I share a shadowy part of my past, just to show it doesn’t affect me today. Plus, if you are watching the video then wait for the outtake at the end!

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Small Business

I’ve got 99 problems – managing your solopreneur venture…

I’ve got 99 problems, and 57 of them need to be fixed by next Tuesday.  Welcome to solopreneurship!

At my busiest point last year, I was freelancing for 14 different small business owners.  Within each of those small businesses, there were many and varied issues for me to be working on.  In short, it’s not surprise that I got overwhelmed, needed to take a big step back, and ultimately change my business model to something more sustainable.

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