Month: November 2017


Small Business – Big Boundaries

The importance of boundaries is no secret, yet as humans, we don’t do everything from the logical parts of our brain – are you with me?  Much of what we do comes from primitive, reflexive efforts to be liked.  It’s our pack mentality, the old ‘safety in numbers’ thing, that has been relevant since caveman times, that makes it so hard for us to respect our own boundaries.

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The Energy of Small Business Success

This is a rare topic for me to write about. I usually share tips and ‘how-to’ stuff.  But lately you might have noticed that I’ve put out a couple of things more around business mindset.  And now here I go talking about energy…

It’s something that keeps coming up for me, both in conversations with others, and in my own little work-bubble too.  I’ve noticed not only how tough on our energy levels solopreneurship and small business ownership is, but also how the energy we bring to our work days has such a huge ripple effect.

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