Month: October 2017

facebook live

Why doing a FB Live is a great tactical use of 10 mins

I know how busy a small business owner gets.  In those early day especially, before we are able to outsource tasks such as social media and content writing, keeping your business visible with enough of these social and content activities, all while doing the actual doings of your business, is an uphill battle.

I know that many of my clients have the desire to blog at least once a week.  They understand the relevance of content marketing…. but can they find the time?  Nope.

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rome wasn't built in a day

In Charge vs. In Control

I made a big psychological jump for my small business last week.  I finally decided to outsource something!

If you don’t know me personally, then just for the record, I have control issues!  I don’t like to share my work like Joey Tribbiani doesn’t like to share his food.

So now that you’ve definitely got the message about my control issues – let me tell you why outsourcing is so important, and why I, the stubbornest ‘lone wolf’ I know, has finally caved in.  And HOW GOOD that actually feels!

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