Month: June 2017

Getting Stuff Done

I will keep this relatively brief, so we can all get back to what we should be doing!

And that’s the thing.  Right now, as you read this, there is probably something productive you could be doing to promote your small business.  But how did you find this post?  Hmm… probably from scrolling through Facebook or LinkedIn.

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marketing funnel

Plan Your Marketing Funnels In Reverse

Don’t ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads until you have your whole funnel in place!

When it comes to building funnels for your sales and marketing – I think it’s logical to begin with the end result you want, and then work backwards from there.

I’ve recently had a couple of conversations with clients who decided they wanted to ‘go for it’ with Facebook ads.

So the first question I typically get is,
“How much should I spend?”
To which, I probably look a little blank for a moment, before coming back with a question about what this ad is leading to.

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