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blog google search

How can blog authors keep the Google bots happy, and ultimately get our content ranking higher when people are searching for topics that we are blogging about?

I’ve recently written a very similar post but using the term ‘SEO’ in the title. I was curious to see how renaming this topic to something softer would affect readers.

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blog content travel further

Most small business owners I know are aware of the importance of blogging as content marketing. Your potential clients need to get to know you a little and see what you have to offer before they will commit to anything. Blogging is a fantastic (and free) way of demonstrating your knowledge of a subject area, and beginning that customer relationship by sharing some of that knowledge up front, before you have asked anything of that potential customer in return.

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blog audience

Boosting the blog posts you share on Facebook can do wonders for your engagement rate. But if you are anything like me then you want to make sure that the little budget you have for this is being spent in the most productive way and gets the right people to your website.

Today’s post is a few pointers for getting the best results out of your boost budget, and ultimately getting more of the RIGHT eyeballs on your blog.

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It’s not spying, I swear!

Facebook provides us with a lot of data about our Fan Page audience. So today I want to talk about using that information to tailor your blog posts to your audience.

Why does this matter?

Have you ever read a post and felt like the author was writing it just for you? It’s rare, but it does happen. And that makes the post more memorable for you. You might even have subscribed to the blog for more from that author. And this is what you want for yourself I bet? More loyal readers.

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