Getting your first coaching clients (with no advertising spend)

Many of my marketing clients are Life Coaches, and in their early years of business, one of the best places for them to get good quality clients is on a site called The Life Coach Directory.

Why is it so good?
And isn’t there a lot of competition on there?

Well yes, there are a lot of coaches in one place. But I say “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” – and here’s why.

Firstly, as a brand new business owner with a brand new website, you would have to throw a lot of time and money at Google for your website to be found in Google search. The Directory has been around for years, has good SEO and pays for Google Ads. If you are on the Directory, they are giving you the leg up that you probably couldn’t afford on your own.

Secondly, in answer to the worries about so much competition from other coaches on the Directory – the key is defining you niche.

Sure, if you are “just another general life coach” you will likely get lost in a sea of generic life coaches. So define yourself! Maybe your secret sauce is that you are a stress-busting ninja. Or maybe your zone of genius is sleep-deprived mummies who want to feel like their old selves again. GET SPECIFIC 😉


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