Hi there, I’m Sarah

I am a social media and content marketing consultant, mentor, trainer and author.  Having been in the small business world for eleven years, and a marketer for the last six, I now teach small business owners how to navigate the social media and content marketing world, getting their business seen by their next customers, all while KEEPING IT SIMPLE!

And that’s the great thing about the online world we now live in; there is so much more possibility!  The toughest parts, in my experience, are these two things:

Firstly, knowing where to start and how to build your own marketing systems.  In amongst all this possibility, there is also overwhelm, more choice than you need, and analysis paralysis.

Secondly, once you figure out what tools and methods are the right ones for you personally – then you have to overcome all the psychological stuff around “putting yourself out there”…  It’s actually harder than you imagined while you were planning your new business.

Are you with me?

These are the issues I help small business owners just like you to overcome.

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