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Hi, I’m Sarah

I am a marketer and an author, both published and self-published.  Content and Social Media for small business is my obsession.

I teach small business owners how to navigate the social media world, getting their business seen by their next customers, all while KEEPING IT SIMPLE!

There’s a lot of jargon out there.  And there are a lot of myths too.  So l’m here to show you that it’s not as bad as it first looks; with simple how-to training and a bit of morale-boosting too.  I know it’s tough on your own – I’ve been there!

My fascination with small business marketing began about six years ago…

Free Video Training

If you are a small business owner looking to get grounded in the basics of Social Media Marketing, then start here.

Watch my FREE video lessons on using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for small business.

Blog Post Planner Template

Good writing takes two things; practice, and structure.

I can’t do your practice for you – but I CAN give you the structure!  Download my template here.